April 25, 2010

Timeless Elegance Served in Large Portions in Shelby, Texas

Spring was in the air and it was time to pack and head off to Harmonie Hall Antique Show held in the pretty village of Shelby, Texas (Approximately 12 miles from Round Top). It is quickly apparent that the loyal groups of repeat vendors and buyers relish the small-town intimacy found here. The whys and wherefores of this attraction are instantly recognizable. The gently rolling hills, pretty homes nestled into the landscape, farm, and ranch life of those early years, seen here in abundance, create a happy ambiance. Couple this with the stunning antiques and collectibles for sale, this is a must see show.

I decided to showcase my latest collection of custom made pillows, table runners, accessories and gifts created from a selection of beautiful antique and vintage European linens dating from 1800’s to 1950’s. This collection was inspired by the stylistic relationship between fashion and furnishings, history and love of textiles; draping, pleated linens, silk ribbons embellished with vintage brooches, floral appliqué’s and monogrammed, picturesque and embroidered pieces. I especially like to work with linen as I find it a seductive combination of high quality and understated elegance. Each piece was created in much the same way as that special designer dress, a one-off creation, hand crafted offering simple and timeless elegance served in large portions...



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Eliza Interiors and Design
(+1) 972 400 0521

March 18, 2010

Eliza Interiors and Design at Harmonie Hall, Shelby

Spring has arrived and the Round Top Antique Fair is just around the corner; miles of antiques and collectibles as you meander through Round Top and the surrounding villages. I have decided to try Harmonie Hall, Shelby again where it is air conditioned and allergy free. The drive is really pretty. Last Autumn we were lucky enough to follow a beautiful rainbow to our destination and see young deer frolicking around the fields without a care in the world.

I have spent the best part of two years sourcing quality European linens, lace, ribbons, brooches and chandelier crystals from the 19th & 20th centuries to create a variety of exquisite home furnishings, accessories and gifts. My passion for antique/vintage design and luxury through the ages has translated into a collection of contemporary classics. Each beautifully crafted piece, contains original antique/vintage details, some vintage diamanté brooches, beading, lace and trims, thereby making every piece unique. The collection is of the moment, whilst subtly echoing its heritage of couture techniques and bygone eras.

Eliza Interiors & Design is excited to showcase the collection at Shelby from 29 March through to 3 April. If you are looking for the perfect birthday, wedding, christening gift or simply something special for home, come and see me at Harmonie Hall, Shelby, Texas. If you are not able to make it to Shelby, you can find a small selection of my pillows and ornaments at The Happy Peddler in Old Town Spring and One Green Street, Houston. In the meantime, here's a sneek peak at the pillow collection.

Next time you go shopping, remember Go Green Buy Vintage...

Jo Parker Farmer

Eliza Interiors & Design
+1 972 400 0521


February 16, 2010

Judith McClellan's Antiques and Linens in Houston

Treasure hunting in Houston has been an adventure but also a little frustrating trying to navigate around this sprawling metroplis. So, imagine my delight when I stumbled across Judith McClellan’s Antiques and Linens. Judith and her son, Darrel, import furniture, objets, antiques and an assortment of lamps you won't see anywhere else. You'll also find an abundance of linens, lace, wovens, cottons and matelassé delivered each year from Holland, Belgium, France and various corners of Europe to their shop and warehouse on 34th Street - not too far off Shepherd.

My last visit, I was welcomed by an exquisite array of furniture pieces and a huge collection of beautiful linens. Everything was laid out in vignettes creating a visual feast for the eyes and full to bursting with European elegance set to tempt and tease the senses. If you love European chic, country, modern country, even a little eclectic, look no further, Judith and Darrel have it all and can show you how to create the perfect ambiance with a few select pieces or, if you cannot resist, an entire room. Just one visit will keep you coming back for more. Be prepared to set aside at least a couple of hours; many clients come from all over the country and spend a day or two going through the inventory.

As a designer of home furnishings, I highly recommend you pay Judith & Darrel a visit - they will not disappoint. They have catered to the trade for years with designers stopping by regularly, either looking for inspiration or a perfectly finished French chair. They also offer custom orders. Darrel is in Europe on a regular basis and would be happy to source that elusive treasure…

If you are not able to visit their shop and warehouse sometime soon, stop by the Marburger Farms during the Spring 2010 Round Top Fair - call for dates and details. Happy treasure hunting...

Jo Parker Farmer

Contact details for Judith McClellan and Darrel Davenport:
Antiques & Linens / DLD Imports
1003A West 34th St
Houston, TX 77018
713 880 9449
Judith - jmantiques@hotmail.com
Darrel - dldimports@hotmail.com

Judith McClellan's Antiques and Linens