July 31, 2011

Back to the Limousin...

(l'Oiseau Bleu, Limousin)

I love the green rolling hills of France, the lush forests and pretty
waterways that gently meander from village to village. Welcome
to the Limousin, central France... This will, initially, be a
part-time home but in the future the aim is to reside there full time.
The l'Osieau Bleu is not far from the house and on the way to
Rochechouart, the nearest market town.

I have set my sights on an old house - actually a farm complex - in a
hamlet not far from Rochechouart. If you have been following my
design ideas, you will know the proposal is to knock
through the two houses to make one family house.

Growing up in London, I remember a breakfast room /gathering
place for family and friends to catch up over a cup of tea and a
biscuit just off the kitchen. As I have moved from home to home,
I've created a similar space and this lovely French home
will be no exception. In fact, it is perfect...

There is already a small but compact room which leads
directly to the kitchen and is absolutely ideal for what
I have in mind.

It wouldn't need much furniture, just a few beautiful but
rustic pieces. I am not overly fond of fitted furniture so would love
one of those antique Swedish bench/sofas or similar French piece
to sit up against one of the walls.

An old wooden rectangular shaped table - nothing fancy - probably
in a dark oak and a set of pretty French country chairs
placed around the open sides.

Then comes the obligatory trimmings. A chandelier, of course,
which would be perfectly centered over the table, perhaps a little
more simplistic in style for a bit of understated sparkle.

And of course, a beautifully ornate French or English antique mirror
on the wall behind the sofa/bench to give the illusion of space.

As ever, the final flourish would be down to a very pretty
arrangement of fresh flowers and, if I could have any flower
at any time, I would love a little bunch of purple and
lavender coloured sweet peas...

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Jo xx

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