March 16, 2011

A Passion for French Linens

The natural world offers white linens in an abundance of shades
from pristine snowy white to creamy hues.
I have been an avid collector of textiles for many years
but my passion has always been for the
French antique and vintage linens
adorned with beautiful monograms;
simply elegant and timeless.

Heavy creamy white linen sheets...

Pillows created from a selection of linen and damask pieces
dating from 1900 through to 1940's

table cloths, runners, napkins and euro-shams

belle epoch to art deco styled monograms
embroidered onto fine white linen,
some simple and some trimmed with the finest lace

even those small pieces can be used to create beautiful ornaments

Each piece has a story to tell, a life lived and a brand new beginning

White on white, perfectly magical!

Eliza Interiors & Design

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March 6, 2011

The Pear: The Newest Low-Tech R-ECycle Tablet

I have been feeling overloaded by technology of late and so a little creative pursuit was on the cards...

After a few moments of musing about what to do, I started to think about my collection of lovely frames - antique and vintage - that continues to grow and collect dust in a corner of my design studio. With my 'To Do' list on the increase, I am forever having to close my computer page and check my digital diary for the next item on the list. This is not only laborious but takes time away from my design projects. My criteria was simple; aesthetically pleasing, easy to use, wireless and eco friendly.

Whether you are technically challenged or overloaded, you may need 'The Pear'. The newest low-tech tablet created from reclaimed materials. Not convinced, read on:

Size: Varies by case design
Processor: The 'I am' processor, the most powerful known to man
Memory: What were we talking about???
Ram: The harder you press the more ram you will realise
Resolution: Can you read this ... then no problem
Battery: You feeling strong?!

I can hear you say, they're chalk boards... I know they are but this was more fun. I have two - namely a pair of Pears - one for marketing and the other for confirmed and proposed projects.

The frames are vintage, a taupe and soft grey colour and beautifully ornate. All I have to do now, is look up at the wall and see what's next on the list... When a job or project is completed, I simply wipe it away. Information at a glance!