February 10, 2012

A few of my favourite things, pt II...

Every now and again one comes across something that captures
your spirit, and here are a few items that have captured mine.
I've always wanted a large clock for my home and this one
fits the bill perfectly

I would use this beautiful piece either as a hall table or desk

whilst in the bedroom, this would definitely be ideal
for the delicates and pretties...

If you love having friends visit as I do, you'll agree that they
will feel welcome in this room

and let's not forget something lovely for the patio...

Thanks for stopping by
Have a blessed day

Jo x

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  1. Love the furniture..especially the clock! Thanks for sharing these beautiful items. I found you through F B. I'm in Texas.
    Good Thoughts,
    Victoria Dalessandro

    1. Many thanks Victoria, it's always a treat when someone leaves a comment. Do hope you'll stop by more often and perhaps follow ...

      Jo x

  2. The color and design of the clock is lovely.
    The buckets I like the handles which make them a little different.

    1. The clock is my absolute favourite piece and I'm always looking for something that's a little different so the pots are perfect. Many thanks for stopping by x

  3. Jo,
    Great pix...love the bedroom with the twin beds!

    1. Thanks for stopping by Renae. I love everything about the room,easy on the eye.

      Jo xx

  4. oooooh *drool* these are all just scrumptious!!

    I love the dressing tables particularly, and the clock... goodness me, i think i need to go and lie down!! ;) x