January 29, 2011


English style has been admired and, indeed, copied around the world from the simplest of designs to the most extravagant. I love British simplicity, the celebration of the hand-made and the appeal of natural materials. I, personally, like to furnish my home with what I know to be useful and believe to be beautiful. I have been working on my Spring/Summer Collection for several months now and will, over the coming weeks, share each of my creations with you.

Upon completion of this pillow, I felt that it needed an elaborate centre piece but wasn't sure what... After many happy hours treasure hunting, I came across the perfect diamante brooch. My pillow was now complete!


I welcome your comments...


  1. Your instinct was perfect, the brooch added just the right touch, Lovely pillow. Thanks for stopping and the Bonjour Pastel was one of my favorites. XO

  2. oops..................wrong response which was just below yours. I haven't had the pleasure of visiting the ribbon shop when I was in London, but next trip for sure. XO