February 23, 2011

The Reading Room...

In this technological world, there are times when I simply wish to retreat and lose myself in a good book. If I had the luxury of space at home, I would design a room specifically for my books, no computers or cell phones just books.

I have a perfect visual of how the room would look: The crown moulding and ceiling rose would be a crisp white, the walls painted in a palette of ivories and ethereal creams to mimic the change in light as the day passes. Soft creamy wool check drapes would frame the beautiful French windows. The floor would be created using reclaimed light oak timbers and reclining atop would be a hand made soft wool rug that would caress the toes. This room would be located at the back of the house and overlook the pretty garden for peace and tranquility. The bookcases would line all available walls and be hand-crafted from English oak with simple traditional styled glass paneled doors. A large ottoman would command a central position with a crystal chandelier above. An antique sofa would take its place on one side of the ottoman and on the other side a pair of wing chairs separated by a pretty putty coloured painted table showcasing a pair of reading lamps and fresh flowers from the garden. A perfectly light and airy room. But wait a moment, there's something missing...

Clearly, the chairs need pillows so I set off to my linen closet in search of inspiration. I wanted to create a matching pair and happily came across some soft chocolate brown and ivory check wool, ivory linen, chocolate brown silk ribbon, simple toile pieces and beautiful mother of pearl buttons for that final hint of luxury. I knew exactly what I wanted to create the moment I picked up the toile pieces and, as luck would have it, everything else fell into place.

With the pillows finished all I need now is my Reading Room...


Antique & vintage linens from:

Judith McClellan
Antiques & Linens, 1003 West 34th Street
Houston, TX

713 880 9449

I happily welcome your comments x


  1. I love these cushions Jo.What a lovely little scene on the white one - you are so talented!

  2. What a beautiful little creation your pillow is! Your reading room is a perfect vision.

  3. Thank you ladies. Your comments are very much appreciated and I hope you will continue to share my projects with me x