May 14, 2011

A Touch of France on W 34th Street, Houston

If, like me, you have a passion for all things French, then you too will enjoy paying Judith & Darrel a visit on W 34th Street, Houston...

From the moment you enter, you will feel as though you have been transported to France; I'm instantly reminded of Paris, Lille, Burgundy, Alsace and northern parts of the Limousin where the colours are usually more natural and soft.

You'll find a series of little rooms and vignettes styled for your pleasure. One room, namely The Paris Apartment, houses an exquisite antique daybed (one of a pair) packed with crisp white monogrammed and embroidered pillows, pretty natural coloured linens and fine lace pieces.

As you walk around this spacious building you will be delighted by the stunning old armoires, painted country cupboards, chandeliers, gilt mirrors, linens...

and so much more!

It's my favourite place to shop... could be yours too.
Perhaps I'll see you there...


Judith McClellan
Darrel Davenport
713 880 9449

Hours: Monday - Friday 9 - 5pm

If you can't make it to their showroom, you'll find them at:

The Urban Market
Marburger Farm, Round Top
(Please call for dates and times)

Your comments are always very much appreciated.


  1. While understated, the French antiques seem to have more of a classical feel to them which only enhances the history and beauty of the pieces. Oh, if only these treasures could talk and share the stories of the people and places....

  2. Looks a wonderful place Jo - I can see why you like it!
    Have a good weekend.

    Sacha xx

  3. I have never been there where I haven't been totally impressed with MANY pieces. Designers all over town go there and seek out pieces and Judith's fantastic advice. For years Judith has offered the prettiest items from France(..and Europe). You don't just buy a piece, but also a knowledge of where it is from, how it was other words it's legacy is passed to you. When I go through the immense amounts of reasonably price linens. I am blown away that this was hand crocheted or embroidered....hours and weeks and it's $25. She will tell you how it was made, where they did that style of work.Judith is someone that I will always look up to and admire for dedication to her customers and sticking to a passion that she has and imparting that to us. Susan