May 4, 2011

Restoration in the Limousin, France...

It's very early days but, all being well, I may have found my restoration project in the Limousin, Central France. It's a wonderful collection of old stone farm buildings in a small hamlet dating back to the late 1800's. There's a main house, guest house and attached large barn. Across the courtyard are additional outbuildings, bakers oven and a well. The land is situated behind the main house with another small parcel behind the bakers oven and well. Paperwork and endless questions fly back and forth via email and I've been told that the process may take a while. I am not going to bore you with the details of structural surveys and septic tank installation but get right down to the good bits...

While I wait - relatively patiently - I have decided to create a mood board for each room in the main house, starting with the living room. It's a wonderful size and happily has all it's original features; lovely windows, an amazing beamed ceiling and a stunning old fireplace. I don't usually go for this style of home because I like high ceilings, crown mouldings, etc. but they are a good height for a farm house and the price is right! To balance out the heavy beamed ceiling, the room will require a light and airy palette. With this in mind, I am drawn to the chalky shades of linens, creams, ivories and taupe's. I'm also fond of pale powdery blues and lavenders.

I love simplicity and timeless elegance. I don't like to finish a room completely but prefer to add to it as I go along buying only what I feel would live happily in the space. I want this room to be welcoming, calm, comfortable, a space where my guests will feel they can kick their shoes off and curl up on the sofa.

When it's time to shop, I will open up my storage units first and plough through my English furniture pieces, chandeliers and mirrors to see what would be a good fit. The budget is limited but there will be just enough to indulge myself and introduce a few French and Swedish pieces.

I love old houses, their history, the way they feel and I particularly enjoy restoring them to their former glory. This project will be a work in progress but ultimately transition into a wonderful home for my husband and I; a place to share with family and friends.

I welcome your comments and if you have any ideas you would like to share with me, please feel free to do so...



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  1. What an exciting project and what fun you will have bringing it all together. Sounds charming and lovely. Thank you for all your recent comments too. Have a beautiful weekend. XO

  2. I'm going to cross my fingers for you! What lovely ideas you have. Love your inspiration pics!