June 15, 2011

Masquerade Reception: Time to Celebrate...

At the Londoner
it's time to celebrate

Dad playing the Harlequin; no surprises there!!!!

And then there were four... Farmers
Jonathan, Jared, Dad and Ben

Mimi, Dad and Great Aunt Cookie (who flew in from California)

Jo with Paw who is sporting a lovely Peacock blue number with feathers, tres chic...

Uncle Keith and Aunt Betsy (seems Paw borrowed Aunt Betsy's mask
for a quick photo opportunity)

Aunt Betsy with Morgan (Brooke's fiance) and Brooke

Aunt Cindy with Sarah Katherine

Just a few family members...

and a final farewell from dad before Tara heads off with her
lovely husband, Kevin, for their honeymoon in Jamaica.

It was quite a weekend but one filled with happiness and love

Jo xx

1 comment:

  1. What fanfare! Always nice to see people celebrating. Great kickoff for summer! Jamaica would be wonderful!