June 15, 2011

Summer Wedding in Texas

The big day was outside in the Ladies Pavilion at the Arboretum in Dallas. The venue was exquisite but with temperatures in the low 100's it was a little hot!

The pathway leads to a loving embrace located just before
the entrance to the Ladies Pavilion

Step inside and you are greeted by a little rush of water to gently
cool you down

just for a brief moment

As we ventured up towards one of the tea rooms we were welcomed
by a cool breeze coming in from White Rock Lake
which you can just see in the background

Taking a leisurely stroll to the end of the Pavilion we were captivated
by the beautiful infinity pool that appears to cascade into the Lake

Completely taken over by the vista, we hadn't noticed that
everything was in place and it was time to take our seats

Musicians played the most soft and melodic music which added
to the ambiance

Time for Father and daughter to take that long walk up the aisle.
She was breathtakingly beautiful and he was so very proud

Pastor Don - who has known the family for years -
was perfect for the ceremony. He had chosen to keep things
a little shorter than he would normally due to the high temperatures
but I'm not so sure...

The Bridesmaids and Groomsmen, who all looked splendid, were
wilting just a little but it was all so magical that no one seemed to care...

You may kiss the bride...

Towards the end of the ceremony, they poured black and white
sand into a glass vase which will then be sealed with wax; I believe
representing their joining together in marriage.

Presenting Mr & Mrs Robinson

A perfect ceremony for a perfect couple.
Wishing them both a lifetime of love, happiness and prosperity

Dad & Jo xx

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